It’s been a while since last time I’ve touched this site on the World Wide Web™. Three fucking months.

The thing is: I’m kind of busy with school work, but because of that I need something to procrastinate with (and hope that I don’t regret it). Designing a website seems cool, especially since I left it quite unfinished last year—there are two links in the navbar that lead to the 404 page. Besides, I decided that I don’t like how the Notebook turned out: 2000’s BBC News design doesn’t fit with a page named “Notebook”.

Also, since I don’t plan on writing longer texts, I made the Notebook show the content of shorter texts (all of them right now). Saved you a click!

You’ve probably noticed the contrast between last post and this. That’s because I just wanted to write something to say that I’m alive.

24 February 2024